Data Continuity

Veterinarians spend a large amount of time getting their practice up and running and building their client base. A client database allows access to client files and images and is an investment in technology.
With the increase in Ransomware as well as staff receiving a larger volume of emails, your server and systems are at risk. Even with a daily backup to a USB or NAS, these can be infected as well. This can be costly to a practice in not only the time it will take to wipe and restore your Server Operating System, restore the backup and reinput the data but in terms of loss of revenue.
PCRM MedIT have partnered with strategic partners to mitigate this risk with a Data Continuity Solution. This images the server locally to proprietary hardware as often as every hour and uploads the image to a Canadian based redundant storage every night. This “Virtual Machine” is loaded and a screenshot taken to confirm the image is valid. If the Server crashes or is compromised, the Server is taken offline and the latest “Virtual Machine” is either loaded locally on the proprietary hardware or online in the datacenter allowing the Clinic to keep on running. A bare metal restore can then be performed on the server with the latest “Virtual Machine” plus merged with the latest input data.
We also install firewalls which filter in real-time all inbound data and attachments which adds another security layer for your piece of mind.

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